The Journey From Nowhere: Obedience to Will of God

Now that we have learned Patience,

we feel much freer, the pressures we’ve put on ourselves have disappeared, and the burdens we carry seems to have lightened. We walk faster, with more confidence, and that begins to show itself to others.

We have been given a mission: To let our light shine for the world to see, to Ignite our Light, and Let it Burn Bright.

Our Transformation affects not only us, but whoever we interact with, anyone who sees us, and in turn they affect who they come in contact with and so on. LOVE is the reason for everything we do.

We have shown through our actions, just by taking this journey, Obedience to the Will of God. We have united our wills to His and He will lead us to the Promised Land.

Obedience to Will of God… This is fun!

Humbly brought to you by: IKB ©2013


The Journey From Nowhere: Possess It

The Crossroad: Nowhere

The Crossroad: “Nowhere”



That is all that is needed to begin this journey. We are at a crossroad in our lives; The Crossroad, “Nowhere”. We need to choose which direction we are going to take, the one which will shape our future, our very selves.

This is not a decision that should be taken lightly. This requires serious thought and contemplation. We must consider where we are and what we want our end result to be.

What is our heart telling us? The heart does not lie, it is our true self, it knows what is best for us. Listen to it. Block out all interference, go into a room by yourself if you must, and listen, no matter how long it takes.

But remember that our hearts must be free of all negativity; our hearts must be pure in order for this to work. We must use the Virtues as our measure in order to be sure, in order to be completely confident we are making the correct choice.

Once you have your answer, then you make your choice. Once you’ve made your choice, understand that as soon as you start, you must see it through to the end.

We have chosen the narrow road. We listened to our hearts, and made our choice. Besides knowing it’s the best thing for us, it’s also a challenge. It’s one few people complete, and we want to be ones that do no matter the cost, because the end is so worth it.

Possess It. And now, we are on our way.

Humbly brought to you by: IKB ©2012