What Happens When You Wring Out Water In Outer Space?

This has got to be the coolest experiment we’ve seen.

We admire astronauts, they work very hard their entire lives to be where they are now… waaaaay up there.

And they get to do some fun experiments too. — IKB


How Women See Themselves vs. How Others See Them

This video is very eye opening. So many women are plagued by a very negative view of themselves based on their looks.

Women are the same all over the world. It is time they see and love themselves as others do.

 *We do not endorse Dove®, we were just really moved by this video. — IKB

Live Big in a Very Small Space: Mortgage Free!

When it comes to living simply, this is one of the most exciting ideas we found. With economies in a tailspin worldwide, this seems to be a great alternative to the way things have been done for the last 100 years or so. Please enjoy these videos….

This video shows someone building one.

This one shows a complete and inhabited one.

This one shows what the youth can do if we give them a chance. It’s a little long, but worth it.

These examples demonstrate that we can build anything ourselves. It may take a few months or a few years, but it can be done. Imagine, no mortgage!

We want one too!!!! — IKB



Midway, A Film By Chris Jordan

We watched this video a few days ago, and we couldn’t get it out of our minds…. How quickly this has happened, it didn’t even take 100 years.

 This video is a reflection of us, it demonstrates very well what happens when you don’t care.

We can and must do something about this, it is our duty as stewards of planet earth.

Please comment below, we would love to hear your thoughts. — IKB