3D Printing: An Evolution in Business and Life

This is so exciting! This really will change the way a lot of business is done. This is real economy.

We’ve known about 3D printing for a few years, but we didn’t know they’ve progressed this far this quickly.  Awesome. – IKB


Perpetual Motion: Is it Possible? Here Are A Few Attempts

Man has been trying to figure out how to make a perpetual motion machine for centuries. This video shows differing methods trying to get the same result. If anyone ever figures it out, please let us know!

Do you think it’s possible? Please comment below, we would love to read your thoughts and theories. – IKB



A Windmill Made out of a Bicycle Rim

Yes, a windmill you can make yourself with something in your garage or basement. Make something old new again!

Check this out too. –  Bicycle Wheel: A Surprising Wind Turbine By: J. Manuel Feliz-Teixeira

It inspired us to make one, and we made one from a child’s bike rim. It was surprisingly difficult to put the tape on, so we looked at the video again. He had a bigger rim, and less spokes, thus more space in between the spokes. So we used aluminum foil instead; much easier!

We tested it using a house fan, and it worked! This year, we will try a bigger rim. The turbine part, we haven’t tried 🙂

We hope this inspires you to try this for yourself, and if you do, please drop us a line and let us know how it works out. If you have already made one, please share your knowledge with us. – IKB