Choking: A Way to Save Yourself if You are Alone

This is a nice technique…

Thank you to all paramedics, they have helped save countless lives.



A Great Example of Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands


Thank God for the youth, they don’t listen to the people who say that can’t do something. This 15 year old high school student was able to make it easier and cheaper to detect pancreatic, ovarian, and lung cancer in a year and a half, not decades as has been the case so far.

Now why is it this young man can figure this out, but the multi billion dollar cancer industry has not. — IKB

Grow Your Own Food

With millions of people worldwide who are hungry, we need to start growing our own food again. The reliance on the grocery store has taken the knowledge and power of growing our own food out of our hands and  into a few. Want to find out how to start? This man shows you how it can be done.

We love what he is doing for his community and the world. One small step… — IKB

Reflexology Helps the Body Heal Itself

We were going to write a long post on reflexology, but once we saw this video, we thought it better to introduce this subject visually.

We have used reflexology in the past… makes you wonder why we stopped. 😦  Guess it’s time to pick it up again. 🙂 We highly recommend it! – IKB