Hearts Ambition

Hearts Ambition

All of these things I have written.

Were all just an audition.

To gain my admission.

Into a world full of aggression.


I want to show my affection.

For the children that need protection.

From the poisonous venom.

Of the corrupt politician.


It’s a battle for attention.

Babies crying, full of tension.

Children seeking apprehension.

Teenagers dying for comprehension.


These words of ignition.

Will light the candle of redemption.

And reveal to the population.

My true Hearts Ambition.

Legendarywriting ©2013 All Rights Reserved


To Be

What do you want to be?

I was asked this many times

My answer to that question is; Me

Being me isn’t committing any crimes

Smiling when I’m happy

Smiling when I’m sad

Even when my days are crappy

It’s not really that bad

I know I’m not alone

I know I’m not by myself

I try not to groan

I just throw my problems on a shelf

Just shoot my fears

And kill my pain

Stop these tears

And never cry again

So when I’m asked what I want to be

I look them in the eye

And tell them; Me!

Legendarywriting ©2013 All Rights Reserved

A Thousand Years

A thousand years will pass just as fast as the last.

Life goes on in different ways, but we always look back to the old days.

We’ve got to rise up and defend the truth.

They say we’re just kids and we have no proof.

We don’t need proof, they just need to look around.

Then they will believe because of what they have found.

Almost everything is corrupt, honesty is failing.

By the time we try to fix it, everything will erupt!

Legendarywriting © 2013 All Rights Reserved