Nature’s Ballet: Hummingbirds

Whenever we see hummingbird’s, we get very excited because they are so rare to see where we live. We have never seen them in slow-motion before, and what this video reveals is interesting.

We didn’t know they had tongue’s!!!! 😀 Fascinating to watch. Many thanks to the videographer. — IKB


Ant Lifeboat!

Ants are fascinating insects, this video shows how they are able to migrate even after their home has been destroyed.

Nature is very interesting. Wish we humans worked that well together. — IKB


Nature is a Force of Good

We felt this should be included in Self Care. Since he is talking about nature, he is talking about us too.

We should take better care of ourselves, and our environment. Plus, we love mushrooms! 🙂 — IKB

Promoting Natural Ways of Healing

Cancer is a sensitive subject for us, and we don’t present this information to you to stir any negative feelings, emotions, or memories.

We found a great website that promotes natural healing of cancer called Healing Cancer Naturally.* We hope you take the time to check our their site, we think you’ll get an education on what else is out there when it comes to natural ways to heal the body.

 We are firm believers that nature has the answer to all of our health problems. We are of the Earth, and the Earth can help us heal. — IKB

*We do not endorse Healing Cancer Naturally, but we do think it is a great resource of information.