How Women See Themselves vs. How Others See Them

This video is very eye opening. So many women are plagued by a very negative view of themselves based on their looks.

Women are the same all over the world. It is time they see and love themselves as others do.

 *We do not endorse Dove®, we were just really moved by this video. — IKB


Love Yourself Properly

Love yourself, it’s actually not that hard to do.

You must get rid of all of the pre-conceived ideas you have about yourself. A lot of who you think you are is not you.

The vast majority of us think negatively about ourselves. Why is that? Where does it come from? That is a subject for another post.

The reason we don’t love ourselves properly is because we don’t know who we really are.

We measure ourselves by the rules of the world. Our conditioning has taught us that we are not worth anything, unless we are:






and Hot

We can go on and on with the superficial way of life that we are taught is life. 

There are so many layers; masks that we wear, that we have gotten confused. 

Just use the Virtues to peel back the layers, take off the masks of superficiality, and see what’s underneath. We don’t know why people are afraid to do this, why do we run away from ourselves? Are we afraid of what’s behind the masks?

Why do we have to have the radio on all the time? The TV? ipod®?

Talking on the phone constantly, playing games, etc.,  we never have any quiet time. It’s just noise, it attempts to drown you out, drown the Virtues out, drown God out.

We need to not be afraid to know ourselves, to find out who we really are. We aren’t as bad as we hear in our heads all the time.

Just do it. Go inside, communicate with yourself, you will be very surprised at what you find 🙂 Trust that this is the right time; don’t delay.

Love yourself properly.

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