The Music You Listen To

The music you listen to.

It helps you cope.

With the pain of life.

The hill, a steep slope.


Trying to climb.

Trying to survive.

The pressures of the world.

You tend to question if you’re alive.


Your brain seeks a better way.

To release the pain.

It finds a knife.

And now there’s a stain.


The reality of it is.

Harming yourself is wrong.

You must see another way.

To try and get along.


All it takes is a small prayer.

A request to the night stars.

A cry to the night.

Even if it’s to Mars.


Reach out for help.

You are not alone.

He’ll help you through.

And give you a true home.


Pray for His presence.

Ask for His light.

Seek out His peace.

And Love His might.


He is there.

And always will be.

It just takes a prayer.

He even helps me!

Legendarywriting © 2013 All Rights Reserved


Unconditional Love

What we need to practice and make apart of our lives is unconditional love in every way. We must love ourselves unconditionally and others too. You may ask yourself how to do this. First clear your mind and go to your heart and listen. You must go inward for the answers and trust.

Listen to your HEART. Feel with your HEART. Love with your HEART! There is already someone or something you love unconditionally! Believe it or not we all have someone or something that already loves us unconditionally. Just apply that LOVE to everyone and everything else. You can still go through other emotions and experience them, just let it start and end with LOVE with no strings attached.

The Creator is in everything and everyone. Recognize this. We must choose to do this. We must start taking responsibility for what we do and how we treat others. Treat everyone with the love you have for whichever person you hold closest to your HEART.  Now apply it to everything else that exists. FEEL with your HEART first and you will find truth and trust. Let your HEART be filled with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and you will be closer to your Creator. TRUST YOUR HEART!