The Music You Listen To

The music you listen to.

It helps you cope.

With the pain of life.

The hill, a steep slope.


Trying to climb.

Trying to survive.

The pressures of the world.

You tend to question if you’re alive.


Your brain seeks a better way.

To release the pain.

It finds a knife.

And now there’s a stain.


The reality of it is.

Harming yourself is wrong.

You must see another way.

To try and get along.


All it takes is a small prayer.

A request to the night stars.

A cry to the night.

Even if it’s to Mars.


Reach out for help.

You are not alone.

He’ll help you through.

And give you a true home.


Pray for His presence.

Ask for His light.

Seek out His peace.

And Love His might.


He is there.

And always will be.

It just takes a prayer.

He even helps me!

Legendarywriting © 2013 All Rights Reserved


Become Fearless, Not Foolish

Justice is coming, and the only way we won’t get trampled underfoot is if we do what we were meant to do. We must use the Virtues to Become Fearless, Not Foolish.

When we abide by the Virtues, it helps us to change the way we see the world. When we use the Virtues, we see with clean hearts. The Virtues give us what we need to not be afraid to fight for the truth, and to fight for what we believe in, no matter the cost.

The Virtues protect us from becoming foolish and doing things hastily; carelessly. They shield us from wrong, from danger, from lies. They shed light on the darkness, they light the path in front of us.

Nothing negative can withstand the light of Truth, it must perish. For soon there will be no more darkness, no place for it to exist. And then, we’ll be free.

Become Fearless, Not Foolish. 

Humbly brought to you by:  IKB ©2013 All Rights Reserved