An Old Chinese Poem

Go to the people

Live among the people

Learn from them

Love them

Start with what they know,

Build on what they have.

But the best leaders,

When their task is accomplished,

Their work is done,

The people will remark,

“We have done it ourselves.”

We think this exemplifies what we are doing here on this blog, igniting our light for the world to see, and in so doing, igniting others. — IKB


The Journey From Nowhere: Patience With Self

The Virtues have much to teach us.

Speaking gently to our hearts, they whisper words of wisdom inscribing them on our hearts so that we never forget, pondering on what we’ve learned and applying it in our everyday lives.

They tell us we need to have patience with ourselves, that it will take a little bit of time for us to learn what they have to teach us, perhaps a lifetime.

They also say that we can make it easier on ourselves if we just live our lives and let them teach us what we need to know, and we will automatically do it with no effort of our own.

It just takes a little Patience With Self.

Humbly brought to you by: IKB ©2012