Unconditional Love

What we need to practice and make apart of our lives is unconditional love in every way. We must love ourselves unconditionally and others too. You may ask yourself how to do this. First clear your mind and go to your heart and listen. You must go inward for the answers and trust.

Listen to your HEART. Feel with your HEART. Love with your HEART! There is already someone or something you love unconditionally! Believe it or not we all have someone or something that already loves us unconditionally. Just apply that LOVE to everyone and everything else. You can still go through other emotions and experience them, just let it start and end with LOVE with no strings attached.

The Creator is in everything and everyone. Recognize this. We must choose to do this. We must start taking responsibility for what we do and how we treat others. Treat everyone with the love you have for whichever person you hold closest to your HEART.  Now apply it to everything else that exists. FEEL with your HEART first and you will find truth and trust. Let your HEART be filled with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and you will be closer to your Creator. TRUST YOUR HEART!


Silence is Golden

“Silence is Golden.” What a true statement.

Oftentimes  we find ourselves unable to get away from all of the noise that invades our lives, all day, every day, so much so that we can’t even think. We have become too busy; we cram so much into our day that we don’t have time to grab a moment for ourselves.

A negative side-effect of this is that we are lost. Everywhere you look, we are either on the phone, listening to music in our car, or have headphones on. We don’t have time to know ourselves.

We are searching, trying to find out who we are as individuals; what our place in the world is. Some of us even go on trips around the world trying to find out. We are looking everywhere except the one place we’ll find the answers we seek.


In silence, we are able to hear what our heart tells us. There we will find out who we really are and why we are here. In silence, we listen to our hearts that only wants the ultimate good for us.

In silence is Truth.

“Silence is Golden.” What a true statement.

Humbly brought to you by: IKB ©2012

The Heart

If we truly want to change and transform ourselves into beacons of light, we must, Pray from the Heart, Think from the Heart, so we can Live from the Heart.

We must cleanse our hearts of every error, judgement, evil intent, grudge, hurt, despair, etc. In a word, negativity.  Whatever we hold in our hearts influences our actions, the way we are perceived, the energies we project to the world. Anything that is opposed to the Virtues must go.

  • Pray from the Heart: When you do this, you pray deeper, with conviction, strength, and passion. Through the power of your prayers, you will make your transformation into a Being of Light/Light Bearer/Beacon of Light, much easier, faster, and with practice, permanent.
  • Think from the Heart: When we do this, our thoughts change, we understand things differently than we ever have before. Confusion ends, our thoughts become clearer, with less interference, less distractions. When we Think from the Heart, we LOVE.
  • Live from the Heart: When we do this, the Virtues are so deeply embedded in our being, that we cannot help but to be Light Bearers to the world. We will change the world for the better. Nothing can stop it.

This is a process that takes time. We should not do things in haste, but with a sense of urgency. We must dedicate ourselves to learning the Virtues, and putting them into practice until they become a part of us, and we share them with the world.

Humbly brought to you by: IKB ©2012