How Women See Themselves vs. How Others See Them

This video is very eye opening. So many women are plagued by a very negative view of themselves based on their looks.

Women are the same all over the world. It is time they see and love themselves as others do.

 *We do not endorse Dove®, we were just really moved by this video. — IKB


A Great Example of Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands


Thank God for the youth, they don’t listen to the people who say that can’t do something. This 15 year old high school student was able to make it easier and cheaper to detect pancreatic, ovarian, and lung cancer in a year and a half, not decades as has been the case so far.

Now why is it this young man can figure this out, but the multi billion dollar cancer industry has not. — IKB

Reflexology Helps the Body Heal Itself

We were going to write a long post on reflexology, but once we saw this video, we thought it better to introduce this subject visually.

We have used reflexology in the past… makes you wonder why we stopped. 😦  Guess it’s time to pick it up again. 🙂 We highly recommend it! – IKB


Nature is a Force of Good

We felt this should be included in Self Care. Since he is talking about nature, he is talking about us too.

We should take better care of ourselves, and our environment. Plus, we love mushrooms! 🙂 — IKB

Promoting Natural Ways of Healing

Cancer is a sensitive subject for us, and we don’t present this information to you to stir any negative feelings, emotions, or memories.

We found a great website that promotes natural healing of cancer called Healing Cancer Naturally.* We hope you take the time to check our their site, we think you’ll get an education on what else is out there when it comes to natural ways to heal the body.

 We are firm believers that nature has the answer to all of our health problems. We are of the Earth, and the Earth can help us heal. — IKB

*We do not endorse Healing Cancer Naturally, but we do think it is a great resource of information.

Challenge Fear ….. And Emerge Victorious

This post is partially inspired

by another blogger who is dealing with OCD, amongst other issues. The monster who is causing her OCD and negatively affecting her life and millions of others, is called fear.

What is fear?

It is nothing more than an entity who receives it’s nourishment by us being fearful about anything and everything. It is the enemy of anyone who wants to be free.

Fear negatively affects our health.

We get depressed, we start to look older, our shoulders droop, ailments come out of nowhere, and our soul seems to shrink.

We become anti-social, we lose friends because they don’t want to be around negative energy/us. We become paranoid, thinking that everyone is an enemy, or at the very least, we are extremely suspicious. It eats our minds, and we become cynical. As it says in the book DUNE, “fear is the mind-killer.

We have to stop being afraid of anything or anyone who tries to: intimidate, coerce, or incite fear. We’ve all been in these types of situations; some of us get so afraid that we can’t even move.

Fear really can kill…

We read a story of a beautiful mexican actress, who was stopped at a red light. A man walked toward the car, and she saw he had a gun. She had a heart attack. This beautiful, successful, and by all accounts, one of the nicest, sweetest people died because of fear.

Fear supposes it has power over us all, and it may seem to… until we challenge it.

How do we defeat fear? Faith in God.

God is LOVE and “Perfect LOVE casts out all fear.”. Having faith in God is having faith in LOVE. If you want to defeat fear, then you have to challenge yourself to be a loving person. You may ask, “How can it be that simple?” And we say, “Why can’t it?”

Look at fear in your mind’s eye, and let it know that it has no power over you anymore. Through the use of the Virtues, we have been given power over fear. Tell it to leave, and it has to leave. It will come back again and again throughout our lives. Each and every time it does, tell it to get lost.

Understand that everything is a test.

Fear, evil, anything negative is to test our love for God. Once you get this truth, life becomes much easier to understand and live. We want her to know, and anyone who reads this post, that you can Challenge Fear, and Emerge Victorious.

Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “LOVE is the only force capable of turning an enemy into a friend.” So, LOVE your way to freedom, and victory.

Humbly brought to you by: IKB