It’s Time for a Change

It’s time.

Now is the time for us to change the world. Too many of us sit back and do nothing while the world as we know it is falling apart. It may not seem that way to alot of people, but that is the truth.

To all of the ones  who have been patiently waiting for the time to emerge, this is it. We are being called by God to do what we came here to do. You know who you are, and most importantly, God knows who you are.

With everything that has been, and is going on in the world it seems as if there is no hope, that nothing will change and things will keep going on this way until we destroy ourselves. “The more things change, the more they stay the same”. We’ve heard that most of our lives, and it may seem to be true, but that is not the case.

We are here to take humanity to the next level, to the New. We must not delay, we must quietly go out and do our work, not looking to our left or right; not listening to the naysayers, the fearful and the negative. It’s time is up.

We have learned that by using the Virtues, and them being our guiding star, we will not fail. We must not stop until it is finished and we will not be deterred, because we can see what awaits us…….. Victory!

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Blindfolded: Spiritual Darkness

One of the most difficult, recurring themes of our lives is “Spiritual Darkness”

What is Spiritual Darkness? Contrary to what we think when we hear that phrase, or experience it firsthand, Spiritual Darkness is the time when God is closest to us. How can that be? He is so close to us, that everything seems to be darkness. He is so bright we can’t “see” anything, so we think it’s darkness.

During those times is when we grow the most,

that is the time to use the Virtues to help us find our way through the darkness, trusting that the clues He left for us will guide us to Him.

Those times in our lives is when we feel most alone, and it seems as if our connection with Him has been severed. We just need to strive all the harder to maintain our connection with Him. He is pulling us along, encouraging us to Trust Him, to find Him, and to Love Him.

Once we’ve matured to a point, that only God knows, when that theme comes around again, we are no longer groping around blindly for Him, but we are confident that the clues (Virtues) He left to illuminate our path to Him will be our guiding light.

Then we are no longer Blindfolded and we can see Him clearly.

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Love Yourself Properly

Love yourself, it’s actually not that hard to do.

You must get rid of all of the pre-conceived ideas you have about yourself. A lot of who you think you are is not you.

The vast majority of us think negatively about ourselves. Why is that? Where does it come from? That is a subject for another post.

The reason we don’t love ourselves properly is because we don’t know who we really are.

We measure ourselves by the rules of the world. Our conditioning has taught us that we are not worth anything, unless we are:






and Hot

We can go on and on with the superficial way of life that we are taught is life. 

There are so many layers; masks that we wear, that we have gotten confused. 

Just use the Virtues to peel back the layers, take off the masks of superficiality, and see what’s underneath. We don’t know why people are afraid to do this, why do we run away from ourselves? Are we afraid of what’s behind the masks?

Why do we have to have the radio on all the time? The TV? ipod®?

Talking on the phone constantly, playing games, etc.,  we never have any quiet time. It’s just noise, it attempts to drown you out, drown the Virtues out, drown God out.

We need to not be afraid to know ourselves, to find out who we really are. We aren’t as bad as we hear in our heads all the time.

Just do it. Go inside, communicate with yourself, you will be very surprised at what you find 🙂 Trust that this is the right time; don’t delay.

Love yourself properly.

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Challenge Fear ….. And Emerge Victorious

This post is partially inspired

by another blogger who is dealing with OCD, amongst other issues. The monster who is causing her OCD and negatively affecting her life and millions of others, is called fear.

What is fear?

It is nothing more than an entity who receives it’s nourishment by us being fearful about anything and everything. It is the enemy of anyone who wants to be free.

Fear negatively affects our health.

We get depressed, we start to look older, our shoulders droop, ailments come out of nowhere, and our soul seems to shrink.

We become anti-social, we lose friends because they don’t want to be around negative energy/us. We become paranoid, thinking that everyone is an enemy, or at the very least, we are extremely suspicious. It eats our minds, and we become cynical. As it says in the book DUNE, “fear is the mind-killer.

We have to stop being afraid of anything or anyone who tries to: intimidate, coerce, or incite fear. We’ve all been in these types of situations; some of us get so afraid that we can’t even move.

Fear really can kill…

We read a story of a beautiful mexican actress, who was stopped at a red light. A man walked toward the car, and she saw he had a gun. She had a heart attack. This beautiful, successful, and by all accounts, one of the nicest, sweetest people died because of fear.

Fear supposes it has power over us all, and it may seem to… until we challenge it.

How do we defeat fear? Faith in God.

God is LOVE and “Perfect LOVE casts out all fear.”. Having faith in God is having faith in LOVE. If you want to defeat fear, then you have to challenge yourself to be a loving person. You may ask, “How can it be that simple?” And we say, “Why can’t it?”

Look at fear in your mind’s eye, and let it know that it has no power over you anymore. Through the use of the Virtues, we have been given power over fear. Tell it to leave, and it has to leave. It will come back again and again throughout our lives. Each and every time it does, tell it to get lost.

Understand that everything is a test.

Fear, evil, anything negative is to test our love for God. Once you get this truth, life becomes much easier to understand and live. We want her to know, and anyone who reads this post, that you can Challenge Fear, and Emerge Victorious.

Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “LOVE is the only force capable of turning an enemy into a friend.” So, LOVE your way to freedom, and victory.

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The Journey From Nowhere: Treasures (In Heaven)

We are almost at the end of our journey, we can barely make out what is at the end of the narrow road. The veil is starting to thin, we start to get excited, and we get a boost of energy. But we can’t get ahead of ourselves, we still have road in front of us.

This journey is not a contest to see who can get there first. We all need to tough it out. The end is usually the hardest, but the reward is the greatest.

The Virtues have purified us, they have set the stage for what we need to complete our journey, and for life afterwards. Grace is the Treasure we will, and have already started to receive and give to everyone we meet. God has a “Storehouse of Graces” to give to all who are willing to do what He asks.

He says to us, “Trust in ME, now is the time for great graces. Act with LOVE, do all things with LOVE, and your Treasures (In Heaven) will be great.”

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The Journey From Nowhere: Obedience to Will of God

Now that we have learned Patience,

we feel much freer, the pressures we’ve put on ourselves have disappeared, and the burdens we carry seems to have lightened. We walk faster, with more confidence, and that begins to show itself to others.

We have been given a mission: To let our light shine for the world to see, to Ignite our Light, and Let it Burn Bright.

Our Transformation affects not only us, but whoever we interact with, anyone who sees us, and in turn they affect who they come in contact with and so on. LOVE is the reason for everything we do.

We have shown through our actions, just by taking this journey, Obedience to the Will of God. We have united our wills to His and He will lead us to the Promised Land.

Obedience to Will of God… This is fun!

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