Nature’s Ballet: Hummingbirds

Whenever we see hummingbird’s, we get very excited because they are so rare to see where we live. We have never seen them in slow-motion before, and what this video reveals is interesting.

We didn’t know they had tongue’s!!!! 😀 Fascinating to watch. Many thanks to the videographer. — IKB


Midway, A Film By Chris Jordan

We watched this video a few days ago, and we couldn’t get it out of our minds…. How quickly this has happened, it didn’t even take 100 years.

 This video is a reflection of us, it demonstrates very well what happens when you don’t care.

We can and must do something about this, it is our duty as stewards of planet earth.

Please comment below, we would love to hear your thoughts. — IKB





Nature is a Force of Good

We felt this should be included in Self Care. Since he is talking about nature, he is talking about us too.

We should take better care of ourselves, and our environment. Plus, we love mushrooms! 🙂 — IKB