Silence is Golden

“Silence is Golden.” What a true statement.

Oftentimes  we find ourselves unable to get away from all of the noise that invades our lives, all day, every day, so much so that we can’t even think. We have become too busy; we cram so much into our day that we don’t have time to grab a moment for ourselves.

A negative side-effect of this is that we are lost. Everywhere you look, we are either on the phone, listening to music in our car, or have headphones on. We don’t have time to know ourselves.

We are searching, trying to find out who we are as individuals; what our place in the world is. Some of us even go on trips around the world trying to find out. We are looking everywhere except the one place we’ll find the answers we seek.


In silence, we are able to hear what our heart tells us. There we will find out who we really are and why we are here. In silence, we listen to our hearts that only wants the ultimate good for us.

In silence is Truth.

“Silence is Golden.” What a true statement.

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