What Happens When You Wring Out Water In Outer Space?

This has got to be the coolest experiment we’ve seen.

We admire astronauts, they work very hard their entire lives to be where they are now… waaaaay up there.

And they get to do some fun experiments too. — IKB

Nature’s Ballet: Hummingbirds

Whenever we see hummingbird’s, we get very excited because they are so rare to see where we live. We have never seen them in slow-motion before, and what this video reveals is interesting.

We didn’t know they had tongue’s!!!! 😀 Fascinating to watch. Many thanks to the videographer. — IKB


3D Printing: An Evolution in Business and Life

This is so exciting! This really will change the way a lot of business is done. This is real economy.

We’ve known about 3D printing for a few years, but we didn’t know they’ve progressed this far this quickly.  Awesome. – IKB


Ted Talk: Conception to Birth Visualized

This is a talk that Alexander Tsiaras gave in 2010. The human person is the most amazing being on this planet.

To have someone explain, and show how we grow in the womb is fascinating, and very interesting.

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Perpetual Motion: Is it Possible? Here Are A Few Attempts

Man has been trying to figure out how to make a perpetual motion machine for centuries. This video shows differing methods trying to get the same result. If anyone ever figures it out, please let us know!

Do you think it’s possible? Please comment below, we would love to read your thoughts and theories. – IKB