Choking: A Way to Save Yourself if You are Alone

This is a nice technique…

Thank you to all paramedics, they have helped save countless lives.



A Great Example of Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands


Thank God for the youth, they don’t listen to the people who say that can’t do something. This 15 year old high school student was able to make it easier and cheaper to detect pancreatic, ovarian, and lung cancer in a year and a half, not decades as has been the case so far.

Now why is it this young man can figure this out, but the multi billion dollar cancer industry has not. — IKB

Grow Your Own Food

With millions of people worldwide who are hungry, we need to start growing our own food again. The reliance on the grocery store has taken the knowledge and power of growing our own food out of our hands and  into a few. Want to find out how to start? This man shows you how it can be done.

We love what he is doing for his community and the world. One small step… — IKB

Reflexology Helps the Body Heal Itself

We were going to write a long post on reflexology, but once we saw this video, we thought it better to introduce this subject visually.

We have used reflexology in the past… makes you wonder why we stopped. 😦  Guess it’s time to pick it up again. 🙂 We highly recommend it! – IKB


Eating Healthy: How Now Brown Cow!

There are many different ways to enjoy beef…



Fotograf’a de Alimentos






What we’ve found is that there is a very big difference between grain-fed beef, and grass-fed beef. Most of the beef that is sold at your local grocery store is grain-fed beef.

We’ve watched the video “Food Inc.“, and it disgusted us. It shows the absolutely inhumane things people will do for profit.

It is not natural for cows to eat grain.

That is why they get sick, and in turn when we eat them, we get all kinds of diseases because they pump the cows full of hormones, and antibiotics.

We have eaten both kinds of beef, and our experience teaches us that hands-down, grass-fed beef is the best. Since we started eating grass-fed beef from a local farm, we have started to feel better. We will never go back to the grain-fed beef that is in the grocery store.

Please find and visit a local farm that has grass-fed beef to get as much of your beef from them as possible. If you live in an area where there are no local farms, then look up online if there are any farmers markets nearby that sell it. If no farmers markets, then see if your local grocery store sells grass-fed beef; the money you pay is worth it. At least, it has been for us. 🙂 — IKB

Disclaimer: This is our own opinion, we don’t endorse any of the sites we link to. We encourage you to do your own research and decide for yourselves.

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Nature is a Force of Good

We felt this should be included in Self Care. Since he is talking about nature, he is talking about us too.

We should take better care of ourselves, and our environment. Plus, we love mushrooms! 🙂 — IKB

Promoting Natural Ways of Healing

Cancer is a sensitive subject for us, and we don’t present this information to you to stir any negative feelings, emotions, or memories.

We found a great website that promotes natural healing of cancer called Healing Cancer Naturally.* We hope you take the time to check our their site, we think you’ll get an education on what else is out there when it comes to natural ways to heal the body.

 We are firm believers that nature has the answer to all of our health problems. We are of the Earth, and the Earth can help us heal. — IKB

*We do not endorse Healing Cancer Naturally, but we do think it is a great resource of information.