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Is Your Deodorant Causing Rashes? Do Your Underarms Hurt? We Found a Solution!

We thought we’d christen this page with something we have all dealt with…. Underarm odor.

Over a period of time, using the conventional deodorants that were available in the store, we started getting rashes, and our underarms hurt.

Not understanding why, we started to look at the ingredients in the deodorants we were using. We looked up on the internet the effects on the body of those ingredients, and we can’t believe the manufacturer’s are allowed to put those things in their products and sell them.


Here are a few examples: 

*aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex glycine: Clogs pores to prevent sweat from forming.

*Negative Health Effects: Skin irritation; mental decline. Aluminium is absorbed through the skin and there is evidence that a lifetime’s use of aluminium-containing deodorants may lead to the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Can cause cancer – In women, a combination of underarm shaving and aluminium containing deodorants has been linked to breast cancer. Aluminium salts are also linked to an increase in male breast cancer. This may be because they damage the DNA of breast cells and have a potential hormone disrupting effect. Spray formulations mean you inhale, as well as absorb these compounds. Inhaled aluminium has fairly direct access to the brain via the nasal passages and chronic occupational exposure has been associated with preclinical signs of Alzheimer’s.

*PPG-14 butyl ether: Preservative, Solvent, Antibacterial

*Negative Health Effects: Skin irritant, neurotoxin. PPG-14 butyl ether is a relative of propylene glycol and potentially toxic to the kidneys and liver. In the US it is a pesticide component used in sprays to protect animals from flies, gnats and mosquitoes. It is poisonous in high concentrations and can enhance the skin penetration of other more toxic chemicals.


These are just two of the ingredients in our old deodorant, we stopped researching after that. We were determined to find something that would help us relieve the rash and irritation; something that didn’t have harmful ingredients in it.

We didn’t have a clue what to look for, until we walked into our local health food store, and at the checkout counter, they had a very small sample which cost about .99¢ of a product called **Lavilin™. We decided to buy it. We opened it up and it was a cream!

We wondered if it was some kind of joke; we had never heard of a deodorant cream.  But we were so desperate, we used it per the instructions, and it did exactly what it said it would. It allows the body to sweat without odor by targeting the root cause, not masking it.

We have not used conventional deodorants since.

We are speaking from experience when we say that **Lavilin™ is the best thing to happen to our underarms and body odor since we started to sweat. – IKB

You can find **Lavilin™ online at many retailers.

*We got this info. from Zimbio.com

**We are not endorsing Lavilin™, we are just very satisfied customers.



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